sâmbătă, 25 aprilie 2009


Seria de mai jos provine dintr-o demolare-evacuare de la sfîrşitul lui martie (2009). Oamenii stăteau acolo ilegal, aşa că autorităţile i-au gonit. Este dramatic, poate, dar priviţi imaginea 15. Cei de acolo locuiesc în casa respectivă de vreo 20 de ani. Şi a fost nevoie ca tot autorităţile să le cureţe curtea. Casa respectivă nu a fost demolată. (I've shot this series at the end of march 2009, during a demolition/evacuation executed by the local authorities. Those people were living there ilegal, so the authorities run them away. Dramatic, but look at the picture 15: the house is dwelled about 20 years now, and it needed the authorities to swept it up. The house is still on feet and dwelled).

















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ninth sunn spunea...

We had a pretty similar situation recently back in my homeland in Cambodia. I don't know what your government is like but ours is very corrupted. To make it short, the developers basically bought the land from the Cambodian government when it wasn't even theirs. But the authorities claimed that it's a slum area & needed mordernising. It's all very re-modernising but they should have rehousing the people to a better living shelter than just pushed them away. This was also happening not long ago, during February-March. How strange was that? I hope your government did a better job than ours. well documented photos & thanks for sharing, Paul!

Andrei Paul spunea...

Wellcome again, ninth sunn. To be honest, our government is pretty corrupted too. In this case, however, the evacuation had right reasons, though one of them was 'develloping'. You cannot let people to build shacks everywhere, without water, electricity, salubrity etc. Unfortunately, the authorities don't have any solutions for now in housing problem, which is very big problem here. Even for people with more money than them.

Anonim spunea...

faci niste fotografii extraordinare! ma bucru ca m-am impiedicat de blogul tau!bravo!

Andrei Paul spunea...

Multumesc ca te-ai 'impiedicat' si sper sa se mai repete!