duminică, 24 mai 2009

Periplu tunisian 6/ Wandering Through Tunisia 6

Ăsta este unul dintre motivele pentru care mi-am propus ca dacă voi avea vreodată bani pentru o maşină de teren, ea să fie Toyota. N-am văzut niciodată o maşină mai forjată, care să meargă însă impecabil, sute de kilometri pe zi în deşert. (Ar fi totuşi ceasurile de bord, care din cînd în cînd mai încetau să funcţioneze, dar îşi reveneau).
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This is one of the reasons why I'm sure that when I'll have the money for a 4x4, it will be a Toyota. I've never seen a car doing such big things in the desert, every day for hundreds of kilometers, and still running like a clock. (Well, the clocks on the dashboard stoped functioning sometimes, but it's no big problem if you punch them).
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ninth sunn spunea...

...and it is one of the main reason why they are using Toyota for such environment. It is the MOST RELIABLE & ENDURING vehicle you can get.
If you look closely, you'll notice that most of the documentaries or reportage programs are Toyota for their transport vehicles. And that you will see in most countries around the world.(I hope they pay me for saying all this. But it is true though).
Anyway, Andrei. I love your Tunisia collection. You should consider approaching the National Geographic if you haven't already done that. it's really worth the collection. Phenomenal!

Andrei Paul spunea...

Hihihi :) I thought the same talking about Toyota. I'm glad you liked my Tunisian series (I have more but i'm just taking a break). I'd love to approach National Geografic, but i think for the moment that i'm not so good/don't have the gear to try that chance. Thank you for supporting. (I really think to open a charity campain for me to replace my camera with a DSLR. Should it work?)