sâmbătă, 21 noiembrie 2009

Filosoful străzii/Street Philosopher

M-am hotărît să-i schimb numele seriei, în primul rînd pentru că toată lumea fotografiază cerşetori, dar nu filosofi.
(I've decided tot change the name of this series, mainly because everybody has pictures with beggers, but just some have pictures with philosophers)

Poate vreţi să vedeţi şi un portret destul de reuşit.
Maybe you want too see a pretty good portrait.

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aventoro spunea...

Andrei: Multumesc pentru sugestii. Sunt constient ca mai am mult de invatat, doar ca din pacate nu prea am timp.

Fotografiez doar in concediu si imi propun tot timpul sa fac un curs de fotografie, dar timpul nu imi permite.

Succes si mersi pentru sfaturi,

Andrei Paul spunea...

Si eu iti multumesc ca ai trecut pe aici. Nu-ti trebuie musai un curs de fotografie la care sa mergi, ci un curs de fotografie poe care sa-l citesti, apoi multa fotografie pe care s-o privesti si multa fotografie pe care s-o faci.

Unknown spunea...

right.. :D

Andrei Paul spunea...

Nu-i asa? :)Profesor ma fac.

ninth sunn spunea...

hi paul, sorry i haven't been visiting your blog for awhile this is due to me been to busy posting my last few post of my hometown. also you might as well know it now but after next month i will be ceasing from blogging. i'm having problem finding time doing it for last few month & since i don't want to desert the blog without thanking & saying goodbye to all my followers for past year, i decided make it the last one to say fairwell.
thank you dude for your company & sharing all your fabulous work. it's been most inspiring. also for giving me a glymb of your hometown. who knows, i might bump into you one day on my visit to your country.
I will however continue to visit your blog if that's ok by you.
other than that, your photos are continously covering & highlighting with interest subjects. what one would normally pass by & ignored. photography is about recording moments & share the moments where one can't be seen.
keep up the good work, dude. & well done!

Andrei Paul spunea...

I'm really sad to hear that you are no longer shareing your images with us. I hope to keep in touch, at least mailing each other. Today i got a 'new' camera, a Nikon D200, and I intend to make more good photos with it. I'm happy that my work makes people feel better. And i really wish to meet you some day.
It's not a goodbye, friend.

Ioana Gînju spunea...

..multumesc.fotografiile tale ma fac sa gindesc altfel, o seara placuta.

Andrei Paul spunea...

Multumesc, Ioana, eşti, ca de obicei, o draguţă. :)

bawgaj spunea...

good portrait !

Andrei Paul spunea...

thanks, bawgaj